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Medical education and training 

We help healthcare organizations create powerful films that provide support, education and training for staff and those struggling with an eating disorder

Videos for Healthcare
Tell the story what others can hardly understand to help them and recruit new staff. We ensure that these goals are achieved.

You also have to take care of yourself

You are helping others. Take time to help yourself too.
Do not burden yourself as much by using video as a tool.

What do you need help with?

Education and outreach

Videos are used to educate patients and their families about eating disorders, the symptoms and possible consequences of the disorder.


This can help increase understanding of the disorder and contribute to reducing stigma.


Videos can be used to support therapeutic interventions used in the treatment of eating disorders.


This may include ducational videos on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT) and other treatments

Marketing and communication.

Videos to promote the healthcare facility and services they offer, for example, through patient and staff testimonials, virtual tours of the facilities and informative videos about the healthcare facility.


Videoconferencing can be used for telehealth services, such as online consultations and remote treatments.


This is especially useful for patients who are unable to come to the healthcare facility in person, for example, because of distance or health problems.



To convey information and make complicated matters clearer to the outside world.


Improve patient experience and increase engagement with educational videos on treatments, procedures and health education.


Make your organization stand out and get your message across effectively with a powerful promotional video, for recruiting new staff.


Document important events such as conferences, seminars and meetings and share them with your audience through a professional event video.


Events can be recorded so that they are preserved and not forgotten and to better understand events or people.


Provide better training for medical staff and patients with practical training videos.

How it works

1. Book a meeting

2. Recordings for video

3. Evaluation

Why a social care video?

With these videos you make the care you provide more personal. For many people, healthcare facilities are frightening, by making videos about your healthcare facility or social enterprise, you show personal contact and thus you get closer to your clients.

The healthcare industry is a large and growing market, with a high demand for video content. Healthcare professionals are constantly seeking new ways to communicate complex medical information to their patients and the public, and video content is an effective way to do this.


In addition, there is a growing need for video content in the healthcare industry for training purposes, as well as for promotional and educational purposes.

They preceded you

Recent work

Ramsay Mental Health


Mental health care is something many young people suffer from. I was allowed to create a short animation video for Ramsay Mental Health that shows how they operate and how they can best help people with mental health problems.

About me

MindReel Productions shows that not everything is as it seems. We live on automatic mode that leads to people not knowing what's really underneath your smile. I want to change that with my company.


Hi there! My name is Myrthe van Wijk (18 years old) and I am the founder of MindReel Productions, I am from the Netherlands and I have been dealing with an eating disorder since 2019. This has evoked a lot in me when it comes to awareness. I noticed that the knowledge of an eating disorder, as well as other mental illnesses, was hard to find.


I quickly found out that the understanding and awareness for mental health issues was very hard to come by. I want to change that, as well as create awareness for other concerns facing society. Think of bullying, refugees, change, fear, autism and much more!


I used to want to become a social worker, but this was not feasible for me because I am still in the middle of my recovery process. That's why I started my business to help you!



$2,000 (per month)


1 long form video (5 to 10 min).

Thumbnail for YouTube.

Up to 6 short snippits per week, optimized for 2 social mediaplatforms

1 IG story per week

Asset organization

1 meeting per month with Myrthe and the Social Media Manager

Guidance during filming

2 revisions

Unlimited service 24/7

❌Excluding travel costs & accomodation

❌Excluding 21% VAT

Premium (recommended)

$5,000 (per month)


2 long form video (5 to 10 min).

Thumbnail for YouTube.

Up to 6 short snippits per week, optimized for 3 social media platforms

Possibility for extra snippits

Scripting Session

4 IG story per week

Asset organization

1 meeting per month with Myrthe and the Social Media Manager

Guidance during filming

5 revisions

Unlimited service 24/7

❌Excluding travel costs & accomodation

❌Excluding 21% VAT


* An international collaboration has to be a minimun of a week. Even if it's a onetime collaboration.

** You also pay for the flight and the residence.

*** These aren't the final prices. Prices depend on the project and where it's has to be shot.

🌎 Based in the Netherlands. Worldwide available

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